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Meeting day and location has changed!

We now meet FRIDAYS at 6:00 in the Formula SAE shop, TFRB L10 (MAP)

Officer Hours

Each year the Formula SAE team builds an open wheeled, open cockpit, formula style race car. The team is responsible for every aspect of the car, from design to construction to testing. The car is designed according to rules provided by the Society of Automotive Engineers for an annual competition against universities from around the world.

There is more to the competition than just the cars’ speed. The car is judged on its performance in many different trials, including endurance, fuel economy, autocross, skid-pad, and acceleration. In addition to the cars’ performance the team is also judged on their engineering design, a cost analysis of the car, and a marketing presentation.

Anyone who is interested can join, regardless of major. We are always looking for people to help out with design, fabrication, fund raising, etc. No experience? No problem, we can teach you everything that you need to know. Contact us for more information.




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